Lakeside Cottages

The Cape is a quiet, peaceful place in a spectacular setting with nearly a hundred acres of woodland on sparkling Thompson Lake.

- A colony of charming cottages nestled among the trees; a special summerplace for relaxation and recreation.
- Nature provides a spectacular setting for a peaceful vacation.
- Ten comfortable cottages extend across a peninsula on one of New England's cleanest lakes
- All are designed to create an informal and friendly atmosphere for a relaxing vacation.

The Cape is located in
south-western Maine,
50 minutes from Portland.

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The Cottages

Number One (Cub Castle)

Number Six (The Bungalow)

Number Two

Number Seven (SOLD)

Number Three (The Honeymoon Cottage)

Number Eight (SOLD)

Number Four (The Garden House)

Number Nine

Number Five (SOLD)

Number Ten


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The Cape
105 Cape Rd.
Otisfield, ME 04270-6234

2016 Rates :

from June 27 - September 7

Off-season rates discounted 15%
Rental of 3+ weeks discounted 5%

Contact us early for reservations